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Thank you for your interest in joining the Southside Market Affiliate Program. Southside Market, which originated in downtown Elgin, TX, in 1882, is the oldest BBQ joint in Texas selling authentic Central Texas barbeque for meat-lovers who value quality. Owned by third-generation Pitmaster Bryan Bracewell and his wife Rachel, this iconic restaurant brand has grown over the past 137 years from a one-man butcher shop to its current status as a must-visit destination for those seeking the finest sausage and smoked meats that Texas has to offer. With the original restaurant still operating in Elgin, a second location later added in Bastrop, and the third, most recently opened, located in Austin, Southside Market has earned its reputation as a legendary Texas BBQ joint and secured its place in Texas’ rich barbecue lore. Southside Market is known for its quality sausages and barbeque, their top notch customer service and company culture. Southside Market’s history in the barbeque industry dates back to 1882 when original founder William Moon began selling meat in Elgin by the wagonload. At the end of each day, he’d take whatever was left and make smoked sausage and barbeque to avoid spoilage, as in that era there was no refrigeration. Four years later, he opened up a storefront on what was then known as South Street, and the legend began. Bracewell’s grandfather, who called on the store as a salesman at the time, decided to buy the business in 1968, and the family has carried on the rich tradition of exceptional sausage and barbeque following the same authentic methods of smoking low and slow over real Texas post oak wood, since 1882. Please provide all of the required information below to complete your application.

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